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“The Beautiful Fairytale”

Homage to Gabriele D'Annunzio and Eleonora Duse

At Villa Romboli in Marina di Pisa on Friday 20 October at 4.30 pm the inauguration of the collective exhibition promoted by Antonella Scarfone Art Gallery of Pisa

MARINA DI PISA – In the historic Art Nouveau residence overlooking the port of Marina di Pisa, the Antonella Scarfone Art Gallery in Pisa reopens the autumn season with a temporary exhibition of artists from the national and international scene. The collective exhibition that will be set up inside the nineteenth-century Villa Romboli in via della Foce is entitled “THE BEAUTIFUL FAIRYTALE” – Homage to Gabriele D'Annunzio and Eleonora Duse. The inauguration is scheduled for Friday 20 October at 4.30 pm, then the exhibition will be open to the public for the whole weekend: 20 - 21 - 22 October from 4 - 7 pm. The title is a clear reference to D'Annunzio's poem "The rain in the pine forest ”.

The exhibition is in fact intended to be a tribute to Gabriele D'Annunzio and Eleonora Duse, the two most illustrious guests of the ancient residence. The works on display will interpret the poet's ode in an artistic key. In fact, 9 canvases and 4 sculptures by different artists were chosen, represented by the gallery (Massimo Barlettani, Rossana Borzelli, Rosso Emerald Crimson, Francoise De Felice, Alba Dieni, Aiden Kringen, Filippo Manfroni, Paolo Medici, Carlo Romiti, Paolo Staccioli) and each work is associated with a verse, in a harmonious comparison between genres. A perfect symphony within a suggestive location which, after so long, has managed to keep its original elements intact, from the external friezes, to the floors, to the frescoed vaults.

Villa Romboli is located at the entrance to the tourist port of Pisa, it was recently acquired and restored by the Marina Development Corporation. Uninhabited since before the Great War, Villa Romboli was completely restored in agreement with the Superintendence, with a project that safeguarded its historical value and as many of the original elements as possible of the villa which was reopened and inaugurated at the end of June 2023. Info and contacts: +39.347.6536819

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