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Far from the aseptic model of the white cube, the Antonella Scarfone Art Gallery is a wide-ranging space inside the Renaissance Palazzo Papanti (16th century).

A place suspended in time, with a strong impact which however does not impose itself, but welcomes every style and every form of art it exhibits.

The gallery promotes established artists alongside new generations of talent, with an openness to all forms of contemporary art expression and a special focus on human-centered figurative art.

Antonella Scarfone graduated in Science of Cultural Heritage in Pisa in 2004.

For some years he was involved in the drafting of the inventory of the assets of notable historical and artistic interest of the monumental complex of Piazza Dei Miracoli and the annexed museums at the Opera della Primaziale Pisana.

Her professional career then evolved as a graphic designer and writer up to the opening of the homonymous art gallery in 2021.