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Women are not born, they are made. No biological, psychic, economic destiny defines the aspect that the female of man has within society; it is the whole of history and civilization that elaborates that intermediate product between the male and the castrated that we call woman.

Simone de Beauvoir

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Black Body

Portoro marble sculpture
Dimensions: Width 66cms Height 22cm Depth 26cm
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Raku pottery
Dimensions: Width 26cm Height 57cm Depth 12cm
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Raku pottery
Dimensions: Width 23cm Height 43cm
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Dimensions: Height 59 cm
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Dimensions: Width 74cm
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Irene Giannaccini born in Pietrasanta, deepens her artistic training by graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara in the Sculpture course.
He works in his studio in the historic center of Carrara, in close contact with artists from all over the world, participating in exhibitions in Italy, France and Norway. Experiment with the use of various techniques, from ancient and traditional to contemporary.

For his sculptures he chooses materials such as marble, wood, bronze, terra cotta, resins; feeling the need to use different mediums based on the value one wants to give to the work and above all to better convey the concept one wants to express.
It represents the woman, or rather a part of her through a fragment, a debris, in a certain sense it "empties" her, blocks her in the representation of her own body, as if it were broken, torn to pieces.
The woman tells the story inspired by the texts of philosophers and writers such as "The second sex" by Simone de Beavoir or "The whole woman" by Germaine Greer: coming to feel the need to communicate, to share, to want to rewrite, engrave and print them on some sculptures .


EMERSIONS – Carrara Collective exhibition Palazzo Binelli, Carrara (MS). Curators: Enza Di Vinci, Orianna Fregosi, Filippo Rolla, Francesco Maria Terzago.
It is presented by Cristina Andrei at the Aruntica Academy of Carrara, "Irene Giannaccini and the poetics of the fragment."
He wins the sculpture competition "The shape of the seasons" organized by the Pomara Scibetta Foundation.

Participates in the international sculpture symposium “Sculpture 17” Os, Norway

Participate in the sculpture symposium “Les Journées du marbre GRAND ANTIQUE D'AUBERT” Aubert, France
Collective exhibition "Italian Artist", Ville de Juvignac, France

Participate in the sculpture symposium “Les Journées du marbre GRAND ANTIQUE D'AUBERT” Aubert, France

Take part in the "Marble Weeks" Carrara event, with the exhibition "The Studies in via Baluardo"

Participates in “Salon d'Automne” Champs-Elysees, Paris
Participates in the Ponte di Ferro sculpture symposium in Carrara
Participates in the exhibition "Ponte in Galleria", collective sculpture exhibition in the Martana air-raid shelter, Massa
Participate in "EROTICALLY In the name of the contemporary" Collective exhibition of contemporary art ARTAGE, Torano laboratory SGF
Participates in the collective exhibition “Giorni d'Arte” Carrara

Participates in the " V° SALON DE PRINTEMPS DE LA SCULPTURE DE BRESSUIRE " , inside the castle of Bressuire, France where he wins the audience prize.
Participates with the exhibition "Gli Studi di via Baluardo" at the Marble Weeks event in Carrara
Participates in a group exhibition "Days of Art" Carrara

Take part in the Collective Exhibition “Nostra. Contemporary Art” organized in collaboration with the cultural association “Cambia Musica!-Florence”, at the exhibition spaces of Villa Guicciardini, Florence.
In April 2007 he exhibited at the collective exhibition "Signs of pain" at the Royal Stables of Camaiore, Lucca

Participates in the biennial of the Academy of Fine Arts.