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Souls stripped without masks and trappings that scream their uniqueness, their human authenticity, denied by a world made of uniform and homologated plastic.


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Shaped aluminum on black plexiglass
Dimensions: Width 100cm Height 100cm
Code: A01 Ask for the price


Fine Art print on plexiglass
Dimensions: Width 60cm Height 50cm
Code: A02 Ask for the price



Fine Art Print on Dibond
Dimensions: Width 80cm Height 90cm
Code: A03 Ask for the price


Fine Art Print on Dibond and Plexiglass
Dimensions: Width 100cm Height 120cm
Code: A04 Ask for the price


Fine Art Print on Dibond
Dimensions: Width 130cm Height 100cm
Code: A05 Ask for the price



Fine Art print on led illuminated plexiglass
Dimensions: Width 80cm Height 100cm
Code: A06 Ask for the price

Les damoiselles

Fine Art print on dibond
Dimensions: Width 130cm Height 110cm
Code: A07 Ask for the price



Allèn was born in Locri (RC) in 1976. Daughter of an established painter and sculptress, she showed a marked predisposition for drawing from an early age.

In 1996 he moved to Pisa, where he graduated in Science of Cultural Heritage.

In 2007 he attended a course in advertising graphics and collaborated with some fashion studios. It is in this period that he combines his passion for figurative drawing with the graphic tools he has acquired, giving life to a direct, clean and essential style that will become his distinctive feature.

In Allèn's works there is a constant search for his own identity, a basic restlessness typical of the times in which he lives.  Allèn is the spokesperson for the dehumanized world that surrounds her and which makes it difficult for the self to be affirmed in the midst of an approved and increasingly fragile mass.

His stylized, faceless and handless women become a representative icon of his time.