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Paolo Staccioli inaugurates the exhibition "Harmonic pre-sentiments"

After the success at Palazzo Vecchio, Pisa also hosts the sculptures of the Florentine artist. The inauguration on 23 October at 4 pm at the Antonella Scarfone gallery

Pisa, October 2021. Paolo Staccioli will be the protagonist of the personal exhibition entitled “Harmonic pre-sentiments” which will be inaugurated on October 23 at 4 pm in the new space for contemporary art Antonella Scarfone gallery, on Lungarno Gambacorti 29 within the Renaissance walls of Palazzo Papanti.

Born in Scandicci in 1943, Staccioli began his artistic experience in the 1970s, starting first as a painter and then, driven by the need to experiment with new expressive languages, moving on to sculpture, learned in the workshop of the ceramist from Faenza Umberto Santandrea.

In this exhibition commissioned by the gallery owner Antonella Scarfone with the collaboration of the publisher Pierpaolo De Paoli and the art critic Cristina Olivieri, the ceramic and bronze sculptures of the artist known also outside Italy for his most monumental works are exhibited. famous, such as the Warriors and Travelers.  

“In the ceramic sculptures of Paolo Staccioli - writes Cristina Olivieri in the critical text - the theme of love is told through delicate but decisive figures which, by their very posture, recall the idea of the mirror, the game. They tell stories of daily patience but also of that playful and light part that only children really know how to live. The artist transfers into his figures of lovers that dreamlike and carefree aspect that life requires to maintain and know how to cultivate ". 

Through the use of the glazed ceramic technique and reduction firing, with which he manages to give a metallic effect on the sparkling glaze, Staccioli creates women and men who are part of an infinite humanity, slender and fascinating figures swinging on a wedge. of the moon or that are depicted in a mirror facing each other, seraphic. 

The theme of travel is also inevitable for Staccioli, much explored and made a fundamental part of his work. As in his recent solo show at Palazzo Vecchio by the former director of the Uffizi Antonio Natali, the “travelers seated on the world” are returning to Pisa today. The artist places his human figures, rich in variations of bright and luminous colors sitting on the "carousel" of the world: he models them in the round with a masterful and innovative technique that has made him the protagonist of large and appreciated exhibitions in the most important museums Italians and in art galleries in Paris, New York and China.

The exhibition "Harmonics pre-sentiments" can be visited free of charge until December 12, from Tuesday to Saturday from 16:00 to 19:00

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