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Lucca Art Fair 2023

Also this year the gallery took part in the seventh edition of the Lucca Art Fair with two separate and distinct stands, chromatically and stylistically.

Stand F1 exhibited: The Metamorphoses by Paolo Medici, Le rivage oblié And Les soeurs by Françoise De Felice, Between dream and reality of Red Emerald Crimson, Clinging to these moments of forgetfulness by Angelo Giordano and a preview of the jewel sculptures by Beatrice Pieroni Lubé created for Antonella Scarfone Art Gallery.

A warm symphony of colors and classic lines that dialogue together harmoniously.

Stand F2 exhibited instead: Tamed1/2 by Andrea Berni, Blackbody by Irene Giannaccini, Opulence n 5 by Aiden Kringen e Decrypt 1 2 3 4 by Jennifer Deri.

Direct and essential two-tones, decisive lines. It is a comparison between different subjects, it is today and tomorrow seen through different sensitivities but which combine well together.

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