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It is said there are only two possible ways to escape the banality of the figure: through abstraction, towards the concept, and through the senses, according to a logic of sensation. Manfroni opts for the second path, subjecting the bodies to a subtle process of dissolution.

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By hand

Oil painting on canvas
Dimensions: Width 100cm Height 100cm
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Sun in my hand

Oil painting on canvas
Dimensions: Width 100cm Height 100cm
Code: FM02 Ask for the price


Filippo Manfroni was born in Rimini on 20 June 1972.

In '91 he graduated in advertising graphics at the Art Institute of Urbino.

In '94 he moved to Milan to attend the comics school in Via Savona, where he graduated in '97.

Since then he has collaborated with the most prestigious Italian advertising agencies as an illustrator and visualizer.

In 2000 he left Milan after six years to return to Rimini.

Manfroni's pictorial journey, his self-taught efforts, began in those years.

For him, painting is a tool for creating, a channel through which to expel... a way to synthesize, filter and tell.

He is an attentive observer and the object of his reflections are people.

He finds that there is inherent in human beings a tragic difficulty in existing, an evil of living that is anything but romantic. It is by this discomfort that the artist is fascinated and attracted.

The wonder of existence, in all its aspects. Manfroni tells us about this and does so through the figure who has always placed himself at the center of his research and attention.




2005 “MLB”, collective exhibition curated by Maria Livia Brunelli_Ferrara.


2006 “7 artists in 7 days”, collective exhibition curated by Nicoletta Coppedè_Rimini.


2007 “eye on Balocco”, solo exhibition curated by Maria Livia Brunelli_Porto Cervo.


2008 “SI VIS PACEM, PARE BELLUM”, solo show Porto Cervo.


2009 “ITALY”, collective gallery ALBUS LUX, Roosendaal, Holland.


2011 “E FU SERA E FU MATTINA”, double solo show “Spazio Duomo”, Rimini.


2013 “GILGAMESH”, collective, Florence.


2014 “MAN IN THE PICTURE” solo exhibition at ALBUS LUX gallery, Holland.


2014 “ALIENS FERRARA”, collective exhibition curated by Frattura Scomposta, Ferrara.


2017 “RIMINI P-ARTE”, collective exhibition curated by Matteo Sormani, AUGEO gallery, Rimini.


2018 “ANIMA LUX”, solo exhibition curated by Matteo Sormani, AUGEO gallery, Rimini.


2018 “DE HUMANA VIRTUTE”, solo exhibition Corso Como, Milan.


2018 “SANTABAGO”, solo exhibition curated by Matteo Sormani, Santercangelo, RN.


2021 “FLIGHT”, collective exhibition curated by Cristina Boschini, Rana Rossa gallery, Modena.


2021 “VOICE OF THE BODY“, collective curated by R. Sangiovanni, ON ART GALLERY, Florence.


2021 “GRADARA CONTEMPORANEA”, collective curated by Matteo Sormani, Gradara, RN.


2022 “CONTEXT art MIAMI”, art fair, LIQUID ART SITEM gallery, Miami.