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I find my dimension in experimentation and in the alternation of images and colors.

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No war

Mixed technique
Dimensions: Width 100cm Height 80cm
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Mixed technique
Dimensions: Width 80cm Height 100cm
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Mixed technique
Dimensions: Width 50cm Height 50cm
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Vola come una farfalla

Mixed technique
Dimensions: Width 55cm Altezza 64 cm
Cod: MC04 Ask for the price


Mixed technique
Dimensions: Larghezza 54 cm Altezza 54 cm
Cod: MC05 Ask for the price


Massimo Chiti, Pistoiese Artist born in 1979, he graduated from the Institute of Art Policarpo Petrocchi in Pistoia becoming a master ofart in metals and goldsmithing. No.oto for his Popformas, celebrates icons of the 50s and 60s and is inspired by artistic giants such as Warhol and Rotella.

In his studio in Pistoia in Italy, Chiti creates and studies combinations of techniques that interact with each other; collage, decollage and painting, enriched with colored rhinestones, graffiti, gold and silver leaves, and copper with crystal dust.

In 2019 he exhibited in Amsterdam, subsequently participated in the ArtePadova fair and in 2020 he presented his best works in the center of Florence, next to Piazza della Signoria in the studio-exhibition Bong.